Yoga vs. Pilates mat

Are you using the same mat when practicing yoga and Pilates?

Have you had (back) pain while doing some Pilates exercises like “the 100” or simply felt uncomfortable or had trouble keeping your neutral spine?

Maybe you’ve used the wrong mat!

What many people don’t know (including me in the past): There’s a difference between a yoga and Pilates mat:

“Yoga and Pilates mats are similar in length and width. They are typically 68 to 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. The thickness of the mat is where the differences begin. Yoga mats can be quite thin, often 4mm thick, while Pilates mats are 8mm or more. Some yoga practitioners opt for cushion and buy a 6mm mat while some Pilates mats are as thick as 15mm. The extra cushion in a Pilates class is necessary for exercises that require lying on your side.[…]” [Source and read more:]

Can you tell which one is for which exercise? 🙂

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Stay yogilated 🙂

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