You are what you feed your skin

Our health is not only influenced by what we eat or how much we exercise, it’s particularly about what we feed our skin.

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Our skin is our biggest organ, but how many of us are actually taking care of it as much as of the rest of our bodies? In tripping on ambien, I stuck to my holistic approach and belief in the clomiphene men side effects, and went to a beautician who is specialized in natural cosmetics.

Getting started

After a thorough anamnesis and analysis of my skin, she created an individual treatment plan which matches the needs of my skin and provides the best possible care for it – also referred to as “Regulatory skin therapy.”

order amoxil online* is known for their ‘Regulatory skin therapy‘ approach. Their products have only ingredients that match the skin’s own substances. Therefore, our skin can use all of it properly to reach its homeostasis again. Many other conventional products call themselves natural cosmetics, but this term can unfortunately be used in a broad context. Check out a list with ingredients to look out for in your cosmetics.

No more chemistry and hormone-influencing weird stuff for our skin!

The raw materials are subject to strict quality and purity criteria. Comprehensive analyses ensure that the raw materials are free from pesticides, heavy metals, allergens, etc. They check every raw material for microbiological purity. The purchase of raw materials is also based on ecological and ethical standards.

So, when purchasing raw materials, they pay special attention to:
– No animal testing for products
– Environmental compatibility

My new (and only) skin care

My beautician gave me the following Rosel Heim products:
– A ‘Phase1’ cleansing emulsion for the evenings
– ‘Ante’ emulsion for regeneration
– ‘Masque’ for the night

I also got myself the sun screen emulsion. I tried pretty much everything out there and my skin always reacted to the conventional sun screens. Now, I’m curious about the products and I feel and see a difference already!

Where you can get them

You can’t buy the products online or anywhere in a store. Only a trained natural cosmetic beautician can sell them to you after he/she checked your skin and developed a regulatory skin therapy plan for you. I can totally recommend to search for one though! It’s surely worth it. 

If you are located in or around Hamburg in Germany, I can recommend Jessica from ‘Kosmetik Naturliebe‘ * very much.

Of course, every skin is just as unique as we are. So please try and see what’s best for you. I am only writing about what I experienced and tried out myself. No musts, just recommendations and tips.

Stay yogilated and take care of yourself. I look forward to your comments! 

* (unbezahlte Werbung / unpaid advertisement)

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