“Your Superfoods” – Healing While Helping Someone Else

Hello my dear Yogilators,

I hope you are all doing well these days when the days get shorter, it gets colder outside and our immune system is working a little harder than usual.

As you know, I am a big believer in the mind-body connection and the healing power of food. However, it’s quite tough to get all essential vitamins and minerals in every day, therefore it became almost a given to take supplements, mostly in form of pills. Frankly, I don’t like taking boxes of pills with me, so I started to search for alternatives almost 3 years ago.

That’s when I stumbled over the so called “superfoods” and integrated them into my daily meals, like my oatmeal in the morning, or smoothies, and even muffins and cookies when I bake.

In my post about our how to get xanax prescribed I gave you a little overview of all the super great health benefits of Maca, aronia, moringa, hemp, acai, wheatgrass and many more.

And now guess what, I found a very cool company who shares my passion for nutrition and understands the great health benefits of these super foods as well! AND, lucky me, I got to try some of their super mixes for you. 🙂

“Your Superfoods” is a Berlin based startup, founded by two young people, Kristel and Michael, who had their own share of experience with the healing power of food.

Kristel struggled with eczema and allergies since childhood. Michael was a professional tennis player and has always been active until he got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24.

Both started to research about how to naturally strengthen their bodies and eventually began to integrate the nutrient-dense superfoods like lucuma, acai, matcha and Co into their daily menus.

Two destinies and truly inspirational examples of how food can contribute to our well-being and health – big time!

100% vegan, no sweeteners, fillers, or anything artificial!

“Kristel and Michael created 7 functional superfood mixes for immunity, energy, beauty and fitness. Each mix contains 5-6 nutrient-dense ingredients – no sweeteners, fillers or anything artificial.”

The ingredients of their superfood mixes are all sourced directly, so they know where they come from, and help local communities that way, too. What I also like about their products is that they are all tested by third party labs to ensure highest quality of their products.

But you know what I like the most?

For each mix you get for yourself, a package filled with food will be send off to a child who is suffering from severe malnutrition, because “Your Superfoods” is partnering with “Action Against Hunger.”

That means eating those “new superheroes” make you a superhero for someone else, too! How amazing is that?

Check out their website for really creative and easy recipes that you can try with their superfood mixes. If you’re not sure which mix you should try first, you can just do their free test and see what your body needs the most these days.

I make a “Forever Beautiful” bowl pretty often (especially when my skin is acting up..), and I eat my protein-packed-oatmeal with “Muscle Power” every morning. The energizing “Power Matcha” mix goes well with my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe!

Quick, easy, healthy AND delicious!

What’s your favorite recipe with those superfoods? Would love to hear them!

Stay yogilated! ~Karen 🙂 

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