Attention Ladies: What you need to know about Yoga for THAT time of the month!

Did you know that, although yoga has many great pain relieving benefits related to your period (cramps, headaches..), there are also some poses you should AVOID during THAT time of the month?

Here are some examples:
OUT: any inversions: headstand, handstand, shoulder stand, forearm balance,..
–> generally any pose that has the pelvic area below above the head is not to be performed
OUT: any pose that require strong twisting on the stomach area
OUT: Kapalbhati or any breathing exercises that require you to contract stomach muscles are to be avoided as well

Read more about pro’s and con’s here and here: Jezebel

AND find some good yoga sequences that you can do during your period:
AboutYoga and here: Yogaposes

There are some controversies about the Do or Not Do yoga during THIS time of the month. I say, everyone is different and unique. Yoga teaches us to listen to ourselves and our body. If a pose feels good to you, then I’d say do it. If you feel uncomfortable, even when you do poses that are “allowed”, then I’d say don’t do it. As easy as that. I don’t see yoga as a sport or exercise in that sense. Yoga is about connecting and feeling.

What do you think? What is your experience with it?

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4 comments to “Attention Ladies: What you need to know about Yoga for THAT time of the month!”
  1. Quite a very informative article on how yoga can actually be helpful especially during menstrual periods. Been doing yoga with my wife and she says she feels uncomfortable during her periods just because. This would definitely convince her.

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