Thoughts on … limiting ourselves with our lack of trust and self-belief

As a small motivation for the beginning of a new day, I’d like to share something I’ve encountered (yet again..) about two weeks ago during my trip to Amsterdam. I took a (GREAT!) Vinyasa evening yoga class with Chantal Soeters at “Delight Yoga

It was the day I’ve arrived in Amsterdam and I was actually tired and didn’t feel like my most fit self. However, I (luckily) still decided to go to the yoga class and at the end didn’t regret it at all.

It’s funny how yoga picks you up wherever you are, helps you up, and awakens your inner and outer strength over and over again. 

I’ve had moments or days before, where I thought that I don’t feel like moving or doing yoga and those days actually turned out to be my most productive and developmentally strong ones. Sometimes just pushing yourself out of your comfort zone once by MAKING yourself go to yoga, will make you feel encouraged and motivated to keep pushing yourself during the class, just because of the sole fact that you made yourself go in thefirst place. Do you know what I mean?

It’s almost like being triggered and in some kind of state of trance with the impulse to move and keep testing your yoga limits.So I did that on Thursday evening in Chantal’s class. I focused on my shoulders in Chaturanga, held some of the challenging poses just a tiny bit longer, AND took on the challenge of trying my so “beloved” crow pose again.

And YEHHHAA! I was able to hold the pose longer than ever!

Big accomplishment for me. Especially on a day like this, where I was tired, didn’t feel all too well and would’ve never thought that I’d even get through the whole 90 minutes Vinyasa class in the first place!

So, here it is again: the proof and confirmation that we set our own limits with our self-limiting thinking including self-doubts, negative/pessimistic mantras, and a lack of belief in the strength of our bodies.

We can actually do any yoga pose, or learn that other language, or pass this exam, or win this bike race, or YOU FILL IN THE GAP. It’s really just our mindset, our thinking, which constrains us and keeps us away from actually DOING or ACHIEVING our goals.

This evening was just another great reminder for me and an inspiration and motivation for me to keep on practicing and to get started on another project which I kept procrastinating about because I thought don’t have time / can’t do it / not talented enough to do it / don’t have the resources to do it …… excuses, excuses, excuses 🙂

Again, it’s all in our heads. Sometimes, we just have to let go , think positive, and trust our inner and outer strength that it will happen. This is really, at most times, all that matters.

Last but not least … I want to mention the yoga studio again:

>>> YOGA STUDIO RECOMMENDATION: If you are in Amsterdam, I definitely recommend to check out Delight Yoga! It’s a very cute yoga studio with showers, changing room, and a beautiful big and cozy room with free tea and flavored water. PLUS, some yoga clothes for sale and other cool yogi accessories 🙂 People are super friendly and they offer classes in Dutch AND English. Try it out!!! Check out their class schedule online. Walk-in classes are 15 EUR only! 🙂

Stay yogilated!

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