Thoughts on … dreams can come true and nothing has to stay the way it is

Hi, my name is Karen and I was born in December 1986 in East Germany, at that time also called the “DDR”.
A few weeks ago, on November, 9th 2014, Germany celebrated 25 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although I was too small to remember what it was like to live in a divided country, I was absolutely amazed and touched by the stories and celebrations of the day when the Berlin Wall came down, 25 years ago.

Those balloons (picture) were set up along the former border and were released in the skies that night on Nov. 9th 2014, in remembrance of  the peaceful revolution in 1989.
During the celebrations, our Chancellor Angela Merkel held a speech and put the whole historical event in great perspective: [source, source 2]

“[..] The fall of the Wall has shown us that dreams can come true, Nothing has to stay the way it is, however big the hurdles are.[..] We can change things for the better – that is the message of the fall of the Berlin Wall. [..] It is a message of confidence in our ability to tear down walls today and in future, walls of dictatorship, violence, ideology and hostility.” 

Absolutely! It’s not “only” about a unification of a former divided country. It’s much more. It’s also about courage, perseverance, faith, and confidence in ourselves and that we CAN make a change, no matter how impossible or unrealistic it may seem. Always remember that there will be people against change, maybe against you; trying to talk you out of your dreams or goals. However, more than 98% will have nothing to do with you, but them.

Take the meaning out of it as you wish, but please promise yourself to never give up. Keep going, no matter what it is you want to achieve. Trust that you CAN do it. If you have read my article about  self-doubt, you know my story about being a C and D student in English language class in high school. However, I truly wanted to go to the USA and study there, and I believed I could. So I did. Today, I have three university degrees from schools in the US, despite the skeptical voices and pessimistic opinions some people around me expressed before I left.

Never give up. Life is too short and there is so much to see, learn, and explore!

Stay yogilated. Be happy. Be YOU.

Xoxo, Karen 🙂

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