Two Years of Yogilation – A happy review


2 years ago, I decided to overcome my insecurity and fear of what others think and started my YOGILATION facebook page┬á…
They idea was to use it for sharing interesting yoga articles and my favorite quotes only. Over time, it extended to posting my own writings, pictures, recommendations, yoga postures, and personal (travel) adventures.
Many great things happened in the last two years:

  • I’ve had 23 of my writings published (4 of them in German) in the US, Canada, and Germany. One them was featured in a US national radio show and another one recommended by NewYorkTimes bestselling author Kris Carr. ­čÖé
  • Got my own YOGILATION website in August 2013
  • Organized an Office Chair Yoga class at my work place with one of my favorite bloggers and Yoga teachers Candace of YogaByCandace
  • Started to get a chance to try out and support yoga brands and studios┬áfor which I am VERY grateful for. I’ve always been a believer in honest and constructive feedback, as well as a big supporter for brands, foods, blogs, locations, or things I truly like. I’d love to do more of it in the future. Please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll give my authentic and honest feedback ­čÖé
Yogilation is very close to my heart and really reflects my thoughts and experiences that I’m going through. I am amazed how much support Yogilation gets from so many of you!
I cannot possibly mention all of you but just to name a few pages that inspired and/or supported me throughout the past 2 years: My Yoga Online, Wellicious, Kris Carr, YogaByCandace, Gaiam TV, Elephant Journal, YOGANONYMOUS, Gründerszene, Happy Mind Magazine,, Karen Salmansohn, and Kristin McGee
Thank you all SO SO much for all your love, feedback, inspiration and wonderful opportunities to publish my writings and to spread the word. You are absolutely amazing! Without you, Yogilation would’ve stayed just a little page with quotes.
I’m excited for the 3rd year of Yogilation! Looking forward to your feedback, ideas, comments, requests, and shares! Please keep spreading the word! You are wonderful and VERY much appreciated!┬á
xoxo <3 Karen ­čÖé
P.S. Stay yogilated for a post with my proud moments and happy memories of the last two years ­čÖé
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