No plastic – no packaging – only what YOU need: “Original Unverpackt” in Berlin

The day had come! I finally stepped into probably one of the coolest supermarkets nationwide: in Berlin!

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I’ve heard and read about it a lot in the media and I fell in love with the concept and idea of Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski right from the beginning: it’s an organic supermarket where you can buy pretty much all healthy and delicious ingredients that you’ll need for preparing your nutritious and clean meals with whole foods.

So, if you’re just as tired of all the plastic and being forced into buying super-sized packages, then THIS is a must stop for you when you’re in Berlin!


How it works?

You bring your own containers, bottles, and/or bags and just buy whatever you need, and only the AMOUNT you’ll need. This is perfect for singles or people who want to try a certain food for the first time and simply don’t want to buy a big package of it for one try. It’s wonderful!

If you don’t have enough containers at home, or you just stumble into the store like I did today, you can also buy any container, box, bottle, or bag that you need. They are (of course) all reusable and actually pretty stylish!

What you can buy there?

You can find anything there, from cook books, and gummy bears, to fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, seeds, dried fruit, tea, “superfoods,” grains, different oils, spices, flavors, and herbs. And the best thing about it? Most of it is organic!

I bought some Matcha tea today and I am super happy about that! I’ve always wanted to try making my own Matcha green tea, but I shied away from it because of the big (and therefore kinda pricey) packages that you can find in other stores.

All in all, I will definitely go there again and might even become a regular customer!

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Have you checked it out yet? Looking forward to your comments and impressions! 

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