Recipe: Healthy & Energizing Green Matcha Cappuccino

Afternoon slump? Long day ahead? Looking for a coffee alternative?

One of my favorite coffee alternatives where I don’t even have to skip the milk foam! HEAVENLY, easy, healthy, and quick. Have you ever tried Matcha? You can add the powder to your smoothie, oatmeal, or yogurt to mix it up a little. Matcha is full of health benefits ranging from cancer fighting to energy boosting benefits, as well as memory, concentration and endurance increase.

Curious? Find a nice summary by EasyHealthySmoothie nolvadex clone. (further readings also HERE and HERE.)

And now it’s time to try this super delicious Matcha Green Cappuccino:

Here is what you need:


1. Mix the Matcha powder with 80 ml warm water (80°C / 176°F) and stir it with a Matcha bamboo whisk until it’s foamy

2. Warm up the milk and “milk foam” it as much as you like

3. Pour the milk foam over the Matcha and ENJOY your Green Matcha Cappuccino!



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