Benefits of Our New Superheroes: Maca, Moringa, Wheatgrass & Co

Dear all,

We see, hear and read about them everywhere, get them as a topping to our meals, smoothies, or even in our coffee:

Forget Popeye or the Power Rangers: our new superheroes are Matcha, Maca, Moringa, Wheat grass, Acai, Hemp, Cacao, Chia, Green Protein, Magic Berries, and Barley grass.

You can argue about this “hype” or think about it whatever you like. Fact is, that all of those “super foods” are completely natural, originally found either in form of seeds, leaves, or grasses, and can do just a little more than other plant based foods.

But what exactly?

4-Ingredients Super Summer Detox Drink

Today is the official beginning of summer and we’re all ready and excited for more sun and finally jumping into the water, right?

Well, sun and swimming is all fun, but we need to take care of our skin and body in general from INSIDE-OUT.
While sunscreen is a must, we tend to forget to also protect ourselves from the inside. How? By staying hydrated, by eating our vitamins and by making sure we help our liver to stay on top of the detox.

Sure, you might think that you don’t drink alcohol and you’re eating healthy and perhaps even only organic food. However, we are all exposed to chemicals and germs every day, which we take in by breathing in the air of our environment.

But the GOOD NEWS is that there is an easy, delicious, and natural way to support our liver and to even help our skin looking fresh and wrinkle-free as long as possible!

A Healthy Heart

Seeing so many especially more and more young people die of heart attacks due to overwhelming stress, enormous pressure and high expectations, combined with poor nutrition and overall self-care made me do a little more research about heart health.

There is no doubt that our heart is our most important organ and muscle, essential and responsible for your other organs and overall functioning – in short: for being alive. Unfortunately, many of us forget or underestimate the impact of external factors, toxins, life-style, emotional well-being, nutrition, exercise etc. on our heart. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular diseases are only a few of the masks that an unhealthy heart can wear.

Even if heart issues are running in your family, heart attacks or strokes can be prevented or at least the likelihood can be decreased with the right diet, exercise, and overall self-care, including stress management, mindfulness and mental health.

So let’s start with our best natural remedy and medicine: FOOD