YOGA Poses 101: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Would you like to improve your balance, stretch your shoulders and strengthen your legs and upper back at the same time? How about Eagle pose?

I personally found this pose quite challenging at the beginning, however today I am doing it almost everywhere I can. It helps me focus and shut off my countless thoughts that can be sometimes be overwhelming. Also, lately I’ve been struggling with some sciatica nerve pain on my tights and looked more into stretches to relieve the tension there, so I found Eagle pose to be very helpful and relieving to me.


Please note that I am NOT a certified yoga instructor, nor do I claim to perform this pose 100% correct. I am a committed student of Yoga and keep practicing regularly to get better.

How to do Eagle Pose: [Source: HERE]

1. Begin in mountain pose. (Stand up straight with both feet a little bit apart)
2. Inhale when raising the arms up to shoulder level with palms facing up. Arms and shoulders should be relaxed.
3. Cross left arm over the right so that the elbows rest on top of each other.
4.Bend your elbows, wrapping our forearms around each other with palms facing each other. Your fingers should point to the ceiling. If the palms do not touch, keeps one palm resting against the other wrist or forearm.
5. Slightly bend the knees and shift your body weight to the other leg.
6. Cross right leg over the left just above the knee.
7. Place the right foot behind your left lower leg and hook the foot over the left calf or ankle. If you are unable to reach the left calf, place the right foot next to left lower leg.
8. The crown of your head should be pointed toward the ceiling and look straight ahead. Imagine the spine running straight through the body.
9. Remain in this pose for 30 to 60 seconds and then come back to mountain pose.
10. Repeat steps from 2 to 9 with the opposite arm and leg crossing over in steps 3 and 6.

I think the most important thing when doing this pose is to breathe and to keep your focus. Take it slow, step by step. If you cannot cross your arms at the beginning, then start practicing just crossing your legs over and stand for 3 deep inhales and exhales. As your balance and concentration improves, you can try to cross your arms as well. Just give yourself time. You will get there.


  • stretches shoulders, arms, upper back, tights
  • increases metabolism
  • improves focus, concentration, and balance

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