The importance of PH levels in your body

Are you feeling unwell and weak lately? Tired? Having stomach pain constantly? Not really knowing why? Perhaps your body is acidic?

I posted about the importance of your bodies’ ph-level before. In order to feel good, energized, and be healthy, your meals need to be balanced containing acidic and alkaline foods. Your body needs both, whereas the the bigger proportion should be alkaline.

If you eat a lot of processed and high acidic food, your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system have to work harder to detox and get rid of the waste/acid to find its equilibrium again.

Check out the table below for foods and their ph-level:

….. and read more about the importance of your bodies’ ph here:

.There’s been a chart going around in the www. that was actually wrong. Marc Leger wrote a very interesting and helpful article on this, by breaking down the wrong chart and explaining the pH level in foods further:

Stay yogilated 🙂


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