Introverts and Mindfulness

“I’ve been practicing yoga for several years. At the end of every class is a five-minute relaxation, savasana. You lie on your back, in what some people call corpse pose, and let yourself completely relax. Easy, right? Yeah, except relaxing my mind. More often than not, my brain starts whirring furiously the moment we lie down, and the savasana ends before I’m even aware it’s going on. In one class, my teacher leads us through a relaxation, but sometimes I can barely hear her over my own thoughts.”

I can absolutely relate to this 100%! It feels so great to see that I’m not alone with this “problem” 🙂 What about you?

Welcome to the life of an introvert!
Great article! Must read!!

Mindfulness for Introverts: >>>> Article by Psychology Today 

What is your experience? Looking forward to your comments!

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