Health Benefits of Riding a Bike

Do you consider your bike as one of your best buddies? Well then, welcome to the club! I can absolutely relate to this! Besides the fresh air and feeling of being free and independent, bike riding provides many other great health benefits, both physically and emotionally 🙂

  • release of Endorphins: the happy hormones that puts a big smile on your face which increases your overall well-being BIG TIME
  • fresh air (oxygen) gives you a great skin complexion due to the increased blood flow
  • helps you to take deep breaths which will automatically calm you down and help you to de-stress and let your mind wander
  • increases and trains your cardiovascular strength which translates into a healthy heart
  • is easy on your bones and joints
  • burns lots of calories, about 250 cal/hour (140 pounds/~60 kg person)
  • builds leg, back, and arm muscles

NOTE: If you’re bicycling for weight loss, remember that it isn’t about being the fastest. You will burn fat when you’re riding your bike in a tempo that allows you to talk and breathe normally. If you’re driving fast, the most you’ll burn is calories (glucose), not fat.

Isn’t this making you want to get on your bike right now? Then just go! You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment. All you need is a bike (and perhaps a helmet). There is so much to see out there! The beauty of nature is waiting outside every day! 🙂 

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