Yuicery in Munich – cold pressed locally grown veggies To-GO

I finally got to go to Yuíçery during my Munich visit I couldn’t resist! I have been reading about their 100% vegan and fresh cold pressed juices made of locally grown veggies as well as about their detoxYuicery Cleanses” and got curious.

Yuicery Juices
I tried three of them: (left to right):
  • YU-C made of pomegranate, mandarin, cranberry, red apple, red paprika, lime and chili. That’s their new creation and “special edition” for the RED NOSE Day of a popular German TV channel called Pro7. 

I drank this at the airport before I flew back to Berlin. I was hungry, tired, cold, and my voice was almost gone due to a lot of talking during the whole day at a fair. Believe it or not, but the juice was exactly what I needed! The chili helped me getting warm (from the inside) again and woke me up. Plus, it satisfied my little snack hunger in the afternoon. So, this is a great juice on the go as a small snack.


  • GREEN THREE made of green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lime, parsley and ginger.

Delicious, filling and great for a little energy boost. I drank it throughout a long work day without a lot of breaks and access to healthy food. Thanks to this juice, I was able to still get all my daily greens in 🙂 I particularly liked the little celery and ginger aftertaste.

  • CITRUS ONE made of Aloe Vera, orange, cucumber, lime and mint. 

A friend and I shared this one after a good lunch. A tasty and healthy “dessert” or a snack in the morning or afternoon. The lime and mint make this juice a great option for saving you from an afternoon slump!

What makes a good business? Friendly and knowledgeable staff!
The staff, a young lady, was very friendly, open and knowledgeable about the juices with all their effects and benefits. I was certainly surprised in a positive way! 
The juice bar/store was quite small and really only consisted of a bar and a big fridge with their cold pressed juices. This is totally on purpose and part of their concept. YUICERY is meant to be just a juice To-GO bar for people to stop by and pick up their freshly cold-pressed juices for the day.
The Menu

The Menu

What else does YUICERY offer?
– You can order your juice online upfront and pick them up whenever you need them or have them delivered to your house
– You can start your individual detox cleanse plan for different purposes, customized for different tastes and preferences
You’ll visit Munich soon?
So whenever you’ are in Munich, you should certainly check them out! I am usually not a juice (or smoothie) person because they are usually too sweet for me, but Yuicery’s cold pressed juices without added sugar truly surprised me. They actually tasted like veggies and nicely natural! Sure, the juices are not cheap, but the fact that their juices are made of locally grown veggies really convinced me. As you know, I like to support local farmers and businesses who support them, so doing good for others and your health is a win-win situation!
By the way, Yuicery also offers fresh made almond milk but unfortunately I have not tried this one yet. It’s certainly on my wish list for my next visit!
~Stay yogilated~

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