My newest article “5 Tips to Deal with Conflicts” at the HuffPost is out!

Dear Yogilators,

Have you ever been in conflict with someone and felt personally attacked? Or even blamed yourself for mistakes that you haven’t done or had any control over?

I wrote about “5 Tips to Deal with Conflicts” in my newest article at the HuffPost. Perhaps you can relate?

Looking forward to your comments, thoughts, and of course: shares 🙂

Carl Jung:

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.


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Hello dear Yogilators,

As you know, I’m out and about a lot, either going to meetings, business trips or traveling for pleasure. One of the things I find challenging is to keep all my writer “essentials” in one place. And, thanks to one of my dear friends, I found a super website that offers customized accessories and home decor made of felt. (my favorite texture for accessories btw.)

Real handcraft made with felt

Sitting, sitting, sitting? How to keep moving at the workplace without losing time!

Although sitting is a serious hazard to our health, unfortunately many of us have jobs that require long hours of sitting …

What are you doing most of the day? Sitting? Well, join the club! The majority of jobs include long sitting periods throughout the day. It’s unbelievable, but we sit 30 hours a week at average because oftentimes people only move to the lunch room and back for several reasons. Either too much to do, stress, no time, or slowly starting inertia (inactivity).