Yoga vs. Pilates mat

Are you using the same mat when practicing yoga and Pilates?

Have you had (back) pain while doing some Pilates exercises like “the 100” or simply felt uncomfortable or had trouble keeping your neutral spine?

Maybe you’ve used the wrong mat!

What many people don’t know (including me in the past): There’s a difference between a yoga and Pilates mat:

Get fit this weekend! All you need is a resistance band!

Do you have a resistance band at home? If not, you can get it at every store that sells sports equipment, and even some grocery stores sell those bands nowadays.

So many people don’t even know that a resistance band can help you build strength and endurance easily, aaaand it’s fun! You can do it while watching TV or even disguised in a game with your loved ones.

Here are 4 great, beneficial, and easy beginner moves to try with a resistance band:

Stay yogilated 🙂

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