“Soost Fitness Meets Hall Yoga” Class at Celebrity Sports School Berlin

Dear Yogilators,

Happy beginning of spring! The sunny and colorful season is about to get started and what is better than using this time to go out more and try new things?

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to finally go to the Celebrity Sports School in Berlin and take the “Soost Fitness meets Hall Yoga” class instructed by Detlef D! Soost and his wife Kate Hall. I’ve “talked” to Kate via Instagram before about taking a class with her, and now I had a day off, so I just went. Life’s too short!

Yoga to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Yoga is good for you. Sure, that’s a fact – proven by our own feelings, experiences as well as scientific studies. I’ve wrote about it for example in my “Yoga & Healing” post or “How a Yoga Class at Work Can Improve Your Business” article before.

However, have you ever thought about yoga helping you to speed up your metabolism and increasing your metabolic rate? Your metabolism is like your nice and cozy fireplace that converts or “burns” the food you’re eating into energy and something valuable for your body and overall well-being. Do you know those fit and healthy people that eat quite a lot when you go out to eat or see them at a party? And you might think “Wow, how can they eat all that without gaining weight?”

YOGA Poses 101: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Would you like to improve your balance, stretch your shoulders and strengthen your legs and upper back at the same time? How about Eagle pose?

I personally found this pose quite challenging at the beginning, however today I am doing it almost everywhere I can. It helps me focus and shut off my countless thoughts that can be sometimes be overwhelming. Also, lately I’ve been struggling with some sciatica nerve pain on my tights and looked more into stretches to relieve the tension there, so I found Eagle pose to be very helpful and relieving to me.

Eagle pose

“Yoga für dich und überall” von Ursula Karven

Ist vielleicht einer deiner Neujahrvorsätze mit Yoga zu beginnen? Wie wäre es mit ein paar kleinen Yoga Übungen, die du in den Alltag einbauen, also überall machen kannst?

Da habe ich ein super Buch für dich: “Yoga für dich und überall” von Ursula Karven.

Hier mal eine Dehnung während der Teepause, dort ein Twist auf dem Bürostuhl, ein Hüftöffner vor dem Fernseher, eine Atemübung, bevor die Filmklappe fällt. So bleibt übrigens auch das schlechte Gewissen aus. Plötzlich habe ich Spass daran, noch eine Übung dranzuhängen. Und noch eine. Und noch eine … Kleine Auszeiten sind allemal besser als gar keine.

Wie recht Ursula Karven da hat! In dem Buch sind ganz einfach 60 Positionen und Stretches liebevoll und kunterbunt in Form von Illustrationen dargestellt.Probier es aus!

Namaste’ 🙂

Sitting too much? Yoga poses to relax and relieve stiffness and stress

Do you know that feeling, when your body aches from sitting too much? It can be either due to your desk/office job or due to lots of traveling that forces you to sit in the train, car, or airplane for many hours. Remember, you won’t be as effective and productive at work or any other task you are doing, when you feel unwell, uncomfortable or low in energy.

Yoga vs. Pilates mat

Are you using the same mat when practicing yoga and Pilates?

Have you had (back) pain while doing some Pilates exercises like “the 100” or simply felt uncomfortable or had trouble keeping your neutral spine?

Maybe you’ve used the wrong mat!

What many people don’t know (including me in the past): There’s a difference between a yoga and Pilates mat:

Yoga and Healing

Yoga and Healing Research

Have you ever wondered why Yoga is getting such an increased attention from scientists?
Yoga is not only a great way to stay in shape, focused, and happy, researchers also found that it has therapeutic benefits for healing diseases like heart failure, anxiety, panic attacks, cancer, infertility, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, pain … etc.