Snack Attack!! Baked Veggie Chips! My newest guilty pleasure!

To all the crispy lovers and fans out there who like to indulge, but would rather do it the waistline-friendly and healthy way: I’ve found something delicious for us!!!
ORGANIC sunflower baked VEGETABLE CRISPS by TRAFO — my newest addiction and guilty pleasure!


Carrot, Beetroot, Parsnip, Sunflower oil, Glucose Syrup, Salt  — ALL verified Organically grown

Yes, it does have glucose syrup, but if you eat it in portions and keep it all in balance, then it’s all good! Remember, a cup of flavored yogurt contains lots of glucose syrup!! So, no worries, I think it’s okay to eat those chips every once in a while 🙂

Here’s what the manufacturer says:

Tra’fo vegetable chips are fried in a vacuum oven in 100% sunflower oil at only 130 degrees. This low temperature slowly bakes the sliced vegetable to wonderful crisps you’ve never tasted before. Tra’fo vegetable crisps: high on fibres and low on fat.

Nutritious? Here are the numbers: (source: Producers Website)

Nutritional value: (75g package) kcal 380/kj 1585
Fat: 24,6
Proteins: 5,6
Carbohydrates: 34,1

Like I said, it’s my new guilty pleasure and I absolutely enjoy eating them during a great movie on a Friday night, or just as a snack in the afternoon, but of course not the whole bag! 🙂

I usually buy them around the corner in my ALNATURA organic store in Berlin Mitte, but I honestly haven’t seen them at other organic places so far in Berlin, have you? I have seen it in Denn’s Biomarkt in Leipzig before though. The only downside of those chips is the price: around 2,50 Euro ( US$3.20), which is not necessarily cheap.

Have you tried them? I’d be curious to know.

In case you don’t have a store around you that has them in stock, no worries, you can also buy them online, for example HERE.



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