Rudolf Dreikurs’ “Positive Discipline” Parenting Approach

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I hope all of you had a great weekend so far. I saw lots of families and happy children celebrating the start of school, what we call “Schulanfang” in Germany. It’s quite a big celebration including a ceremony at the school where each child receives their “Zuckertüte” which is filled with candy and little toys or other surprises. Then, the celebrations are continued individually at home within the kid’s families and friends. They will get presents or oftentimes money.

Our neighbors back at my parents house celebrated “Schulanfang” yesterday and kids were screaming, running, playing, and having fun together. I don’t know about you, but seeing kids happy and playing outside makes me happy too. However, sadly, there are still enough people out there who get annoyed by the noise and mess the kids are making. What’s wrong with being a child and enjoying life?

Back in grad school, I used to give workshops on Rudolf Dreikurs’ “Positive Discipline” parenting approach. I will start to write about it and post it on my homepage in the future. It’s a really interesting and helpful approach based on Adlerian Psychology principles such as mutual respect, the need to belong and to find significance, and the purposefulness of children’s behavior that aims to understand your own children, or if you are a teacher, your students.

I will also post two book recommendations to this topic soon. I look forward to your comments!

Stay yogilated 🙂
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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