Pack your Snack! My TOP 3 Favorite Protein Bars

What is your favorite to-go snack or (protein) bar?

Hello all!

It’s going to be a long day? Or perhaps you’re about to travel? I travel quite a bit in my job and leisure time, and I never leave my place without snacks. They have saved me many times from “blood sugar emergencies,” low moods, hunger pains, as well as unhealthy food choices.

There are many protein or snack bars out there, unfortunately many of them are sugar-packs, candy bars, or high fructose syrup monsters in disguise. Of course I am not a nutritionist, but I did find some natural, organic and delicious protein bar favorites that I’d like to share here with you since many of you have asked me before what I usually like to snack on 🙂 

Here’s my TOP 3: (please click on the links for nutrition information)

1. GREENS PLUS Plusbar – Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

My all-time favorite. Packed with organic “super foods” like chlorella, quinoa sprout powder, whey protein powder, Japanese green tea and more. I sometimes eat 1/2 as an afternoon snack. It leaves me with a nice feeling – not full, not hungry and satisfies an appetite for chocolate instantly. JUUUST RIGHT.

The downside: it’s quite expensive and not available in stores in Germany, so I need to order it online and pay shipping costs.

2. QUEST Bar – Double Chocolate Chunk (auf Deutsch)

The Double Chocolate Chunk is my favorite flavor. I’ve tried the popular “cookies and cream” one but it was way too sweet for me. I know that many people love this flavor, but it just isn’t for me. I stick with my 1/2 double chocolate chunk for an afternoon or after workout snack on the go.

The downside: quite pricey and hard to get in stores in Germany. Especially my favorite kind is out of stock many times, so I have to order it online as well.

3. PROTEIN Bar by Dr. Ritter (only available in organic stores like BioCompany, Denn’s Biomarkt, and Reformhaus in Germany and Austria)

Delicious and naturally sweet. It’s the perfect snack on the go with a good balance between protein, calories and good fats. I sometimes eat a whole one in the afternoon before I go to work out.

Downside: the price increased from 0,99 EUR to 1,29 EUR recently.

I will report back when I have tried the other protein bars by HEALTH WARRIOR, and GO ORGANIC displayed on my picture, so please stay yogilated 🙂
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