Healthy SNACK ATTACK No.2: Savoy Chips

Are you looking for a great and healthy (gluten free and vegan) snack on the go? Then these might be for you!

I’m always on the quest for a delicious and nutritious snacking option (like THOSE) for movie nights or just rainy spring afternoons, and I found a NEW ONE 🙂

Drum rolls….. say hello to my new “guilty” pleasure:

No artificial flavors or additives. Only natural herbs, spices, and of course savoy cabbage. The chips are not fried or baked. According to HEIMATGUT, every bag of chips contains 1/4 of harvest-fresh savoy which is dried through a delicate drying process to obtain all important vitamins and minerals.

Savoy, paprika, onions, cashew seeds, sunflower seeds, yeast flakes, lemon juice, turmeric,sea salt

Nutrition facts: (for one 1 bag = 35g)

Calories:                685,6 kj (163 kcal)
Protein:                     7,7 grams
Carbohydrates:       16,1 grams
Fat:                           7,6 grams


You can buy them in 3 different flavors:

Cheesy Paprika (the one’s I tried = YUMM!!!)
Sour Cream & Onion
Italian Herb

I’m curious to try the other flavors as well! I’ve found the “cheesy paprika” ones at the big grocery chain “Kaisers” in Berlin. The price for one bag was 3,49 EUR at the store, which I find a little pricey for the quite small amount of 35 g, but I am hopeful that they will become a little cheaper in the future.

Have you seen them in your local stores yet? I will look out for them and let you know if I find them somewhere else as well. Please also feel free to share your comments and impressions about the chips as well.



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