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5 Reasons Why Feedback is Important:

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UPDATE (January 6, 2016): my 2nd HuffPost blog post just came out! 

5 Ways to Deal With Rejection


4 Ways to Deal With Mistakes

Sure, some of you might already think “Is there even such a thing as a mistake?” Well, I can assure you, there is.

You can call it an unfortunate event/happening/misunderstanding, a weak moment, or even simply a wrong decision. It really doesn’t change the fact that we’ve done something that we might have reconsidered before we’d done it. And you know what? That’s absolutely wonderful! Congratulations! You’ve made a mistake! Let’s see what great things you can do with it!

Obsession with Nutrition – When Healthy Eating is too much

Have you ever heard about “Orthorexia Nervosa?”

It’s an obsession with healthy food that impacts the lives of those affected—theyquit going out to eat.

Instead, they stay at home, to prepare fresh food for every meal, because it distresses them if they cannot find what they classify as pure and healthy food. The tricky thing is that this eating disorder little-known.

In fact, healthy eating is instead, rewarded and reinforced by society.

My don’t do list 2015

2015 is only a few days away. Christmas is over, the time for family and good food, however, also a time to reflect and letting things go to open new ways. The new year is a new beginning, so over the past days, I’ve decided to write down old habits and worries in form of a “Don’t do” list for the new year 2015 :)

… so here it is:

5 Tips to Feel At Home Anywhere in the World

Within the past seven years, I’ve lived in five cities in the U.S. and in Germany. Each time, I’ve moved alone to a new city and made a new start, including finding new friends, favorite places and peaceful moments.

I know what culture shock means and feels like. I’ve been through the stages and discomfort of “giving up” my own assumptions and expectations of other cultures and even the ones of my own.

7 Ways to Stop Overthinking

We’ve all been there. The same thought spinning around in your head, the worst case scenario playing on repeat in your mind as as you stare at your phone or email inbox, unable to stop thinking about a situation or a person over and over. Maybe you are obsessing about an outcome that you want but don’t seem to be able to achieve. So what you do? You start to worry, get upset, angry, or sad, and then make a decision entirely based on a temporary emotion (like sending a rude text or email or making an angry phone call). Sound familiar? Please stop right there. Do me a favor and put your phone away.

Let me introduce you to two terrible couples:  thoughts and worry paired with imagination and anger

6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Sad and Lost

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6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Sad and Lost

Have you ever felt like you don’t know where to go, don’t know what to do, and don’t know how to deal with the inner feeling of too much to bear? It’s a feeling we can probably all relate to, something we’ve all experienced: the feeling of being sad and lost.

Guess what? You have been there, so what does that mean? Exactly! You overcame and “survived” it. This was just another low mood that came and left. It’s like walking underneath a scaffold–it’s a little shaky and scary to walk under, but you know there is an end to it, so you keep walking anyway. And it’s exactly the same when dealing with a low mood. You feel it, you deal with it, and it passes like any other happy or sad mood.

Oh I know, that sounds so simple but it surely isn’t like that. I’ve experienced quite a bit of rejection and even more “waiting periods” in different life situations lately. Also, particularly during the winter months when there is almost no sun and the weather is cold and gloomy, it’s very hard to catch yourself and have happy thoughts. The trick is to keep your head up in those times and to think about better days to come. Here are six strategies that help me whenever I am feeling sad or lost:

The Positive Side of Breaking Up

This article got published on MyYoga Online. Find it >>> HERE <<<

Do you know what it’s like to feel deeply hurt, sad, discouraged and maybe even angry (all together) as a result of a relationship breakup? If so, you’ve probably experienced one of the biggest pains human beings can feel: heartache. But you know what? There are actually many positive things you can learn from a relationship breakup. You were in love. You are able to love, to trust and to open up to someone. Most importantly, this means that you’ve tried for something. Sure, you could stay on your couch and avoid meeting people or falling in love, but what would you gain from this?

Here are six ways to see your breakup in a positive light: