Meine in Deutschland veröffentlichten Artikel


1. „6 Wege wie du deine Selbstzweifel überwinden kannst“ via Happy Mind Magazine

2. “6 Gründe, warum es gut ist, einen Feelgood-Manager im Unternehmen zu haben“ via Grü

3.6 Tipps gegen Stress” via Grü

4.5 Gründe für Yoga am Arbeitsplatz” via Grü

5. “Clean Eating – Wenn gesunde Ernährung ungesund wird” via HappyMind Magazine

6.  “Yoga feels Good – Warum eigentlich?” Gastbeitrag via Julie Feels Good

7.  “5 Gründe damit aufzuhören sein größter Kritiker zu sein” via HappyMind Magazine

8. “5 Gründe immer positiv zu denken” via HappyMind Magazine

9. “5 Gründe warum du andere Menschen nicht retten oder ändern kannst” via HappyMind Magazine


11. “5 Gründe, warum Loslassen so wichtig für uns ist” via HappyMind Magazine

12. “5 Gründe warum es an der Zeit ist zu handeln” via HappyMind Magazine

13. “6 Wege, wie du besser mit Traurigkeit umgehen kannst” via HappyMind Magazine

>> HIER << geht’s zu den Links von meinen in den USA und Kanada veröffentlichten Artikeln.

Yoga Feels Good – Warum eigentlich?

Mein erster Gastbeitrag für einen anderen Blog ist heute erschienen! / My very 1st guest post for a German healthy food blog came out today! 🙂

Yoga Feels Good‘ heißt es heute auf dem Blog von Julia “Julie Feels Good”: denn ich habe mal etwas kleines über meine Leidenschaft und warum eigentlich Yoga doch für jeden ist, geschrieben.

My don’t do list 2015

2015 is only a few days away. Christmas is over, the time for family and good food, however, also a time to reflect and letting things go to open new ways. The new year is a new beginning, so over the past days, I’ve decided to write down old habits and worries in form of a “Don’t do” list for the new year 2015 🙂

… so here it is:

Two Years of Yogilation – A happy review


2 years ago, I decided to overcome my insecurity and fear of what others think and started my YOGILATION facebook page …
They idea was to use it for sharing interesting yoga articles and my favorite quotes only. Over time, it extended to posting my own writings, pictures, recommendations, yoga postures, and personal (travel) adventures.
Many great things happened in the last two years:

Links to All my Published Articles in the USA and Canada

I feel honored to have had many of my writings published in the USA and Canada, and 1 of them even featured in a U.S. national radio show already. Here is a list with all links for you to find them right away when you need a little “yogilation”:

USA & Canada:

1. 6 Tips on How to Deal with Difficult People via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

2.  Featured in a U.S. national RADIO SHOW: “6 Tips on How to Deal with Difficult People”

3. “6 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt” via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

4. “5 Reasons to Stop Beating Yourself Up via DoYouYoga

5. “6 Tips on How to De-Stress via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

6. “6 Reasons to Have a Feel-Good Manager in your Company via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

7. “7 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself and Others via DoYouYoga

8.5 Tips on How to Stay Positive in Transition Times” via DoYouYoga

9. “6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Sad and Lost” via MyYoga Online

10. “7 Ways to Stop Overthinking” via MyYoga Online

11.  “Obsession with Nutrition – When healthy Eating is too much” via Elephant Journal

12.  “4 Ways to Deal With Mistakes” via GaiamTV / MyYoga Online

13. “5 Reasons Why Feedback is Important” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

14. “5 Ways to Deal With Rejection” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

15. “Feeling Stuck? 5 Reasons Why Values Matter” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

16. “Trapped in an Unfulfilling Job? How to Find Out What You Want to Do” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

17. “Workaholism: When Working Becomes an Addiction” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

18. “Career Coaching for Athletes – Because Not Everyone Turns Pro” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

19. “The Art of Letting Go” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

20. “5 Reasons to Think Positive” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

21. “How a Yoga Class at Work Can Improve Your Business” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

22. “How to Make a Decision” via The HUFFINGTON POST Blog

23. “5 Tips to Deal with Conflicts” via the HUFFINGTON POST Blog

24. “5 Tips to Feel At Home Anywhere in The World” via the HUFFINGTON POST Blog

25. “How to Spot a Good Leader” via the HUFFINGTON POST Blog

For all my in Germany published articles, please click >> HERE <<

My very own MY YOGA ONLINE Author Profile!

Hi everyone!!

As a few of you might know, I am excited and honored to call myself a regular contributor / writer for the prestigious MyYoga Online magazine, and I’d like to give you the link to my full >>>>>> AUTHOR PROFILE <<<<<< on their website. 🙂

There you can find my little biography, as well as ALL of my articles that got published via MyYoga Online so far.

Please check it out, LIKE and SHARE if you like to read my articles 🙂 (of course, comments are also ALWAYS welcome!!)


Yours truly,

Karen 🙂