5 Gründe für Yoga am Arbeitsplatz

Man starrt stundenlang auf den Bildschirm. Der Körper verlangt nach Bewegung. Mehr als praktisch, wenn es im Office ein Yoga-Angebot gibt.

Neue Herausforderungen – im Yoga wie im Job

Yoga wird von Tag zu Tag beliebter. Es scheint fast so, als würden jeden Tag neue Arten von Yoga aus dem Boden sprießen – einschließlich neuer Figuren, neuer Innovationen, Ziele und neuer Chancen, daran zu wachsen und sich weiterzuentwickeln. Immer neue Herausforderungen, klingt ja wie der Alltag in einer Firma! Warum also sollte man das eine nicht mit dem anderen kombinieren?

Yoga for opening the heart and letting go

Yoga in Berlin: Chimosa ~ Yoga, Tea, Fitness 

Today was the day! I started my 30 day membership with a very cool project called “Urbansportsclub” in Berlin. They offer a fitness flatrate in different sizes. I got size M, which allows me to attend classes in a variety of yoga, Pilates, and other fitness studios, beach volleyball, bootcamp classes, zumba, and much more all over Berlin. This is MY chance to explore the city more and to find some awesome YOGA places and meet people. :)

Today, I started with a 90 minute Jivamukti yoga class at CHIMOSA in Berlin Mitte/central Berlin.

YOGA Poses 101: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Would you like to improve your balance, stretch your shoulders and strengthen your legs and upper back at the same time? How about Eagle pose?

I personally found this pose quite challenging at the beginning, however today I am doing it almost everywhere I can. It helps me focus and shut off my countless thoughts that can be sometimes be overwhelming. Also, lately I’ve been struggling with some sciatica nerve pain on my tights and looked more into stretches to relieve the tension there, so I found Eagle pose to be very helpful and relieving to me.

Eagle pose

Want to stay or get yogilated? How about going to free online Yoga classes?

It’s weekend time and you might have to clean, cook, and run lots of errands, so there’s almost no time to make it to your yoga class?

Or perhaps you are constantly traveling around, never really at one spot, with no time to look or settle for a great yoga studio?

So why not taking a yoga class ONLINE? It’s FREE, for all levels and styles.

DO YOGA WITH ME >>>> http://www.doyogawithme.com/


YOGAINTERNATIONAL >>>> http://yogainternational.com/topic/classes

Be good to yourself. Relax. Be yogilated. Namasté. ♥

>> Caution: If you’re a beginner, please ask a friend or a more advanced yogi to help you with the poses and to make sure you’re doing it right. Please don’t hurt yourself. <<