YOGA Poses 101: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Would you like to improve your balance, stretch your shoulders and strengthen your legs and upper back at the same time? How about Eagle pose?

I personally found this pose quite challenging at the beginning, however today I am doing it almost everywhere I can. It helps me focus and shut off my countless thoughts that can be sometimes be overwhelming. Also, lately I’ve been struggling with some sciatica nerve pain on my tights and looked more into stretches to relieve the tension there, so I found Eagle pose to be very helpful and relieving to me.

Eagle pose

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Be good to yourself. Relax. Be yogilated. Namasté. ♥

>> Caution: If you’re a beginner, please ask a friend or a more advanced yogi to help you with the poses and to make sure you’re doing it right. Please don’t hurt yourself. <<


Yoga Poses 101: Chaturanga

You enjoy yoga just as much as I do? Are you doing it regularly too? As a regular yogi, you probably already have your favorite poses that offer your the best relief and that build strength and muscles. However, the latter ones can be pretty challenging and difficult to master at the beginning.

Although I am not a beginner of Yoga, the pose I’m still working on doing correctly each time is Chaturanga. What do you think about this pose? It’s part of the sun salutation, so I’m doing it quite often, however, it’s also one of the poses that can cause serious injuries in your shoulder, neck, chest, arms, or even core.

So let’s see how we do it right and most importantly: SAFE 🙂 

1. Your arms need to be in a right angle and your elbows should be over your wrist: tough on our arms but sooo effective when it comes to building muscle in our triceps and shoulders.

2. Heels and heart go forward: this is tough and something I’m struggling with. It’s hard for me to really let my body move forward when I transition from Chaturanga into upward facing dog.

3. Don’t let your shoulders round: Ha, easier said than done! I’m big in pulling my shoulders up whenever I can. Pulling my shoulder blades back is something I have to remind myself of a lot during practice. Or let’s say heart openers in general are a little challenging for me, but this is related to”inner work” that everyone has to figure out in their own pace.

4. Get your head right: literally! 🙂 When we transition back from Plank to Chaturanga, we seriously NEED TO be careful and mindful of our neck. The trick is to keep your gaze only a couple inches forward to your fingertips. When you’ve mastered that, then you are ready to reach up to an upward facing dog.  [picture and text source: Chaturanga Tips]

Stay yogilated 🙂

Sitting too much? Yoga poses to relax and relieve stiffness and stress

Do you know that feeling, when your body aches from sitting too much? It can be either due to your desk/office job or due to lots of traveling that forces you to sit in the train, car, or airplane for many hours. Remember, you won’t be as effective and productive at work or any other task you are doing, when you feel unwell, uncomfortable or low in energy.

The Psoas: Our feel-good muscle

As you know, I am interested in the mind-body connection and healing side of exercise and food, not about weight loss.

The psoas is important for our posture as it connects the torso and the leg, and it stabilizes our spine and helps with our balance. Therefore, it makes absolute sense that being tight there causes us to feel anxious, stressed, and perhaps even panicky. And yet again, the mind-body connection at its best!

Yoga and Healing

Yoga and Healing Research

Have you ever wondered why Yoga is getting such an increased attention from scientists?
Yoga is not only a great way to stay in shape, focused, and happy, researchers also found that it has therapeutic benefits for healing diseases like heart failure, anxiety, panic attacks, cancer, infertility, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, pain … etc.

5 Yoga poses for better posture

How does your posture look? Are you usually standing and sitting up straight or more like hanging forward like a little question mark? 😉

Perhaps you have back problems? Your shoulders are sore and tense?
Here are 5 great yoga poses to improve your posture.

Remember, your posture says a lot about you. So keep your head up, smile and stand tall.