Links to All my Published Articles in the USA and Canada

I feel honored to have had 29 of my writings published in the USA and Canada, and 1 of them featured in a U.S. national radio show already. Here is a list wiith all links for you to find them right away when you need a little yogilation:

USA & Canada:

1. 5 Reasons to Move On” via YOGANONYMOUS

2. “6 Tips on How to Deal with Difficult People via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

3.  Featured in a U.S. national RADIO SHOW: “6 Tips on How to Deal with Difficult People”

4. “6 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt” via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

5. “5 Reasons to Stop Beating Yourself Up via DoYouYoga

6. “6 Tips on How to De-Stress via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

7. “6 Reasons to Have a Feel-Good Manager in your Company via ELEPHANT JOURNAL

8. “7 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself and Others via DoYouYoga

9.5 Tips on How to Stay Positive in Transition Times” via DoYouYoga

10. “6 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself” via MyYoga Online

11. 5 Reasons why it’s Time to Start Taking Action” via MyYoga Online

12. “5 Ways to Deal with Conflicts via MyYoga Online

13.5 Reasons why You Cannot Rescue or Change People via MyYoga Online

14. “The Positive Side of Breaking Up via MyYoga Online

15.  “6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Sad and Lost” via MyYoga Online

16. “7 Ways to Stop Overthinking via MyYoga Online

17. “5 Reasons to Do Yoga at Work” via Gaiam TV / MyYoga Online

18. 5 Tips to Feel at Home Anywhere in the World via GaiamTV / MyYoga Online

19. “Obsession with Nutrition – When healthy Eating is too much” via Elephant Journal

20. “4 Ways to Deal With Mistakes” via GaiamTV / MyYoga Online

21. “5 Reasons Why Feedback is Important” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

22. “5 Ways to Deal With Rejection” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

23. “Feeling Stuck? 5 Reasons Why Values Matter” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

24. “Trapped in an Unfulfilling Job? How to Find Out What You Want to Do” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

25. “Workaholism: When Working Becomes an Addiction” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

26. “Career Coaching for Athletes – Because Not Everyone Turns Pro” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

27. “The Art of Letting Go” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

28. “5 Reasons to Think Positive” via THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog

29. “How to Make a Decision” via The HUFFINGTON POST Blog

For all my in Germany published articles, please click >> HERE <<

My very own MY YOGA ONLINE Author Profile!

Hi everyone!!

As a few of you might know, I am excited and honored to call myself a regular contributor / writer for the prestigious MyYoga Online magazine, and I’d like to give you the link to my full >>>>>> AUTHOR PROFILE <<<<<< on their website. :)

There you can find my little biography, as well as ALL of my articles that got published via MyYoga Online so far.

Please check it out, LIKE and SHARE if you like to read my articles :) (of course, comments are also ALWAYS welcome!!)


Yours truly,

Karen :)

6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Sad and Lost

This article got published via the prestigious MyYoga Online!!! Find my article >>>>>>>>>> here <<<<<<<<<<<

6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Sad and Lost

Have you ever felt like you don’t know where to go, don’t know what to do, and don’t know how to deal with the inner feeling of too much to bear? It’s a feeling we can probably all relate to, something we’ve all experienced: the feeling of being sad and lost.

Guess what? You have been there, so what does that mean? Exactly! You overcame and “survived” it. This was just another low mood that came and left. It’s like walking underneath a scaffold–it’s a little shaky and scary to walk under, but you know there is an end to it, so you keep walking anyway. And it’s exactly the same when dealing with a low mood. You feel it, you deal with it, and it passes like any other happy or sad mood.

Oh I know, that sounds so simple but it surely isn’t like that. I’ve experienced quite a bit of rejection and even more “waiting periods” in different life situations lately. Also, particularly during the winter months when there is almost no sun and the weather is cold and gloomy, it’s very hard to catch yourself and have happy thoughts. The trick is to keep your head up in those times and to think about better days to come. Here are six strategies that help me whenever I am feeling sad or lost:

1 Year of Yogilation

Happy 1st Birthday of Yogilation!!

It’s unbelievable but today exactly 1 year ago, I decided to create my very own personal page that I named “Yogilation.” The idea was to write about and share my thoughts on feelings and experiences that I encountered. At the time, I just moved back home to Germany after living in the US for 6 years, lived with my parents again, had a huge culture shock, and couldn’t find a job.

So I started writing about it and built the courage to post it on my page. Surprisingly, my Yogilators seemed to like it, and this encouraged me to submit one of my articles “5 reasons to move on” for publication, and YOGANONYMOUS decided to post it. That was at the end of January 2013.

Rudolf Dreikurs’ “Positive Discipline” Parenting Approach

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I hope all of you had a great weekend so far. I saw lots of families and happy children celebrating the start of school, what we call “Schulanfang” in Germany. It’s quite a big celebration including a ceremony at the school where each child receives their “Zuckertüte” which is filled with candy and little toys or other surprises. Then, the celebrations are continued individually at home within the kid’s families and friends. They will get presents or oftentimes money.

Our neighbors back at my parents house celebrated “Schulanfang” yesterday and kids were screaming, running, playing, and having fun together. I don’t know about you, but seeing kids happy and playing outside makes me happy too. However, sadly, there are still enough people out there who get annoyed by the noise and mess the kids are making. What’s wrong with being a child and enjoying life?

Back in grad school, I used to give workshops on Rudolf Dreikurs’ “Positive Discipline” parenting approach. I will start to write about it and post it on my homepage in the future. It’s a really interesting and helpful approach based on Adlerian Psychology principles such as mutual respect, the need to belong and to find significance, and the purposefulness of children’s behavior that aims to understand your own children, or if you are a teacher, your students.

I will also post two book recommendations to this topic soon. I look forward to your comments!

Stay yogilated :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!