Articles for the Month of April 2015

NEWS! Yogilation is now also on INSTAGRAM!

Dear Yogilators! I got GREAT NEWS for all Instagram using Yogilators!! 

I finally did it! After many of you asked me about Yogilation on Instagram, you can now find me on:

Find Yogilation’s pictures, thoughts, quotes, and recipes now also on INSTAGRAM!

Please come and say hi and FOLLOW me on Instagram >>> 

I’ll be sharing pictures, thoughts, quotes, recommendations and my new posts there with you! Please be aware that I’m a total beginner with instagram

Looking forward to grow Yogilation’s community more and appreciate your help with this <3

Please SHARE and get yogilated <3


Need some order in your life or a great gift idea? Read this!

Hello dear Yogilators,

As you know, I’m out and about a lot, either going to meetings, business trips or traveling for pleasure. One of the things I find challenging is to keep all my writer “essentials” in one place. And, thanks to one of my dear friends, I found a super website that offers customized accessories and home decor made of felt. (my favorite texture for accessories btw.)

Real handcraft made with felt