Articles for the Month of December 2014

My don’t do list 2015

2015 is only a few days away. Christmas is over, the time for family and good food, however, also a time to reflect and letting things go to open new ways. The new year is a new beginning, so over the past days, I’ve decided to write down old habits and worries in form of a “Don’t do” list for the new year 2015 🙂

… so here it is:

Two Years of Yogilation – A happy review


2 years ago, I decided to overcome my insecurity and fear of what others think and started my YOGILATION facebook page …
They idea was to use it for sharing interesting yoga articles and my favorite quotes only. Over time, it extended to posting my own writings, pictures, recommendations, yoga postures, and personal (travel) adventures.
Many great things happened in the last two years:

Thoughts on … dreams can come true and nothing has to stay the way it is

Hi, my name is Karen and I was born in December 1986 in East Germany, at that time also called the “DDR”.
A few weeks ago, on November, 9th 2014, Germany celebrated 25 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although I was too small to remember what it was like to live in a divided country, I was absolutely amazed and touched by the stories and celebrations of the day when the Berlin Wall came down, 25 years ago.