Articles for the Month of September 2014

Sitting, sitting, sitting? How to keep moving at the workplace without losing time!

Although sitting is a serious hazard to our health, unfortunately many of us have jobs that require long hours of sitting …

What are you doing most of the day? Sitting? Well, join the club! The majority of jobs include long sitting periods throughout the day. It’s unbelievable, but we sit 30 hours a week at average because oftentimes people only move to the lunch room and back for several reasons. Either too much to do, stress, no time, or slowly starting inertia (inactivity).

Long waiting times? Low mood? Vacation? Karen Salmansohn books are always a good choice!

We’ve all had them: bad days, rainy days, long hours in waiting rooms or during traveling at airports and train stations. So what do you do? READ! Exactly! Here are some amazing books from one of my favorite authors, Karen Salmansohn, for any occasion. You will definitely be entertained and inspired, I guarantee you! 

Some of them are also available in German!

Here are my favorites: (all by Karen Salmansohn)