Articles for the Month of August 2014

Yoga for opening the heart and letting go

Yoga in Berlin: Chimosa ~ Yoga, Tea, Fitness 

Today was the day! I started my 30 day membership with a very cool project called “Urbansportsclub” in Berlin. They offer a fitness flatrate in different sizes. I got size M, which allows me to attend classes in a variety of yoga, Pilates, and other fitness studios, beach volleyball, bootcamp classes, zumba, and much more all over Berlin. This is MY chance to explore the city more and to find some awesome YOGA places and meet people. :)

Today, I started with a 90 minute Jivamukti yoga class at CHIMOSA in Berlin Mitte/central Berlin.

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YOGA Poses 101: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Would you like to improve your balance, stretch your shoulders and strengthen your legs and upper back at the same time? How about Eagle pose?

I personally found this pose quite challenging at the beginning, however today I am doing it almost everywhere I can. It helps me focus and shut off my countless thoughts that can be sometimes be overwhelming. Also, lately I’ve been struggling with some sciatica nerve pain on my tights and looked more into stretches to relieve the tension there, so I found Eagle pose to be very helpful and relieving to me.

Eagle pose

7 Ways to Stop Overthinking

We’ve all been there. The same thought spinning around in your head, the worst case scenario playing on repeat in your mind as as you stare at your phone or email inbox, unable to stop thinking about a situation or a person over and over. Maybe you are obsessing about an outcome that you want but don’t seem to be able to achieve. So what you do? You start to worry, get upset, angry, or sad, and then make a decision entirely based on a temporary emotion (like sending a rude text or email or making an angry phone call). Sound familiar? Please stop right there. Do me a favor and put your phone away.

Let me introduce you to two terrible couples:  thoughts and worry paired with imagination and anger