Articles for the Month of December 2013

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It’s weekend time and you might have to clean, cook, and run lots of errands, so there’s almost no time to make it to your yoga class?

Or perhaps you are constantly traveling around, never really at one spot, with no time to look or settle for a great yoga studio?

So why not taking a yoga class ONLINE? It’s FREE, for all levels and styles.




Be good to yourself. Relax. Be yogilated. Namasté. ♥

>> Caution: If you’re a beginner, please ask a friend or a more advanced yogi to help you with the poses and to make sure you’re doing it right. Please don’t hurt yourself. <<


The Positive Side of Breaking Up

This article got published on MyYoga Online. Find it >>> HERE <<<

Do you know what it’s like to feel deeply hurt, sad, discouraged and maybe even angry (all together) as a result of a relationship breakup? If so, you’ve probably experienced one of the biggest pains human beings can feel: heartache. But you know what? There are actually many positive things you can learn from a relationship breakup. You were in love. You are able to love, to trust and to open up to someone. Most importantly, this means that you’ve tried for something. Sure, you could stay on your couch and avoid meeting people or falling in love, but what would you gain from this?

Here are six ways to see your breakup in a positive light:

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Rescue or Change People

This article was published on >>>>>>>>> MyYoga Online 

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Rescue or Change People

We’ve probably all been there. We have had or still have people in our lives that we love unconditionally. Perhaps they are struggling or had hardships that you have helped them through. This could’ve been heartaches, loss of loved ones, addictions, low moods, existential fears, or simply times of worry.

How did you feel throughout this journey? Did you feel personally involved? Like this is also your problem that you need to solve?

1 Year of Yogilation

Happy 1st Birthday of Yogilation!!

It’s unbelievable but today exactly 1 year ago, I decided to create my very own personal page that I named “Yogilation.” The idea was to write about and share my thoughts on feelings and experiences that I encountered. At the time, I just moved back home to Germany after living in the US for 6 years, lived with my parents again, had a huge culture shock, and couldn’t find a job.

So I started writing about it and built the courage to post it on my page. Surprisingly, my Yogilators seemed to like it, and this encouraged me to submit one of my articles “5 reasons to move on” for publication, and YOGANONYMOUS decided to post it. That was at the end of January 2013.