Articles for the Month of August 2013

A Healthy Heart

Seeing so many especially more and more young people die of heart attacks due to overwhelming stress, enormous pressure and high expectations, combined with poor nutrition and overall self-care made me do a little more research about heart health.

There is no doubt that our heart is our most important organ and muscle, essential and responsible for your other organs and overall functioning – in short: for being alive. Unfortunately, many of us forget or underestimate the impact of external factors, toxins, life-style, emotional well-being, nutrition, exercise etc. on our heart. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular diseases are only a few of the masks that an unhealthy heart can wear.

Even if heart issues are running in your family, heart attacks or strokes can be prevented or at least the likelihood can be decreased with the right diet, exercise, and overall self-care, including stress management, mindfulness and mental health.

So let’s start with our best natural remedy and medicine: FOOD

The mind-body connection – Emotional Pain vs. Physical Pain

You have most likely heard about the whole “mind-body connection” and might have thought “Oh there it goes again..”

Sure, it might seem to be overused these days, however, there is a good reason for mentioning and considering to think more about it. Believe it or not, our mind and our thoughts are very powerful determinants when it comes to well-being and overall health. You’ve probably experienced the physical pain when you lost a person or someone close to you got seriously injured. It’s a feeling like your stomach flips or your heart gets torn apart. This is a simple example for emotional pain expressed in physical pain.

Here’s why:

Yoga and Healing

Yoga and Healing Research

Have you ever wondered why Yoga is getting such an increased attention from scientists?
Yoga is not only a great way to stay in shape, focused, and happy, researchers also found that it has therapeutic benefits for healing diseases like heart failure, anxiety, panic attacks, cancer, infertility, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, pain … etc.

Rudolf Dreikurs’ “Positive Discipline” Parenting Approach

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I hope all of you had a great weekend so far. I saw lots of families and happy children celebrating the start of school, what we call “Schulanfang” in Germany. It’s quite a big celebration including a ceremony at the school where each child receives their “Zuckertüte” which is filled with candy and little toys or other surprises. Then, the celebrations are continued individually at home within the kid’s families and friends. They will get presents or oftentimes money.

Our neighbors back at my parents house celebrated “Schulanfang” yesterday and kids were screaming, running, playing, and having fun together. I don’t know about you, but seeing kids happy and playing outside makes me happy too. However, sadly, there are still enough people out there who get annoyed by the noise and mess the kids are making. What’s wrong with being a child and enjoying life?

Back in grad school, I used to give workshops on Rudolf Dreikurs’ “Positive Discipline” parenting approach. I will start to write about it and post it on my homepage in the future. It’s a really interesting and helpful approach based on Adlerian Psychology principles such as mutual respect, the need to belong and to find significance, and the purposefulness of children’s behavior that aims to understand your own children, or if you are a teacher, your students.

I will also post two book recommendations to this topic soon. I look forward to your comments!

Stay yogilated 🙂
Have a wonderful Sunday!

The importance of PH levels in your body

Are you feeling unwell and weak lately? Tired? Having stomach pain constantly? Not really knowing why? Perhaps your body is acidic?

I posted about the importance of your bodies’ ph-level before. In order to feel good, energized, and be healthy, your meals need to be balanced containing acidic and alkaline foods. Your body needs both, whereas the the bigger proportion should be alkaline.

Health Benefits of Riding a Bike

Do you consider your bike as one of your best buddies? Well then, welcome to the club! I can absolutely relate to this! Besides the fresh air and feeling of being free and independent, bike riding provides many other great health benefits, both physically and emotionally 🙂

5 Yoga poses for better posture

How does your posture look? Are you usually standing and sitting up straight or more like hanging forward like a little question mark? 😉

Perhaps you have back problems? Your shoulders are sore and tense?
Here are 5 great yoga poses to improve your posture.

Remember, your posture says a lot about you. So keep your head up, smile and stand tall.