Articles for the Month of July 2013

Thoughts on the Power of Positive Thinking & Gratitude

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a relatively cool and restful night?
I wanted to share a great moment with you that I had yesterday at the dentist. I actually just went to get a teeth cleaning but they found a little hole between two of my front teeth, so they ended up drilling.

They asked me if I want an anaesthetic injection but I said no for the first time. I simply wanted to test if meditation and positive thinking helps with dentist “pain management” as well. So they started drilling and I kept thinking that this isn’t so bad, there are much worse things out there, … I also thought about people I love, how lucky I am to have them in my life, about all the reasons

Sadness = Useful?

My dear Yogilators,
I was pondering on if I should post this or not but I decided that this is simply too beautiful not to.

I had a “not so good day” today and some tears started rolling down my face when I lied down on my pillow. When I got up to get a tissue, I saw what my tears had formed: this smiley! No kidding! I did not create this! I simply had to start smiling and laughing instantly, which made my day!

What did this remind me of? No need for tears, because there is always something to smile about 🙂


Thoughts on Perception – Life is really only what WE (want to) see

~Happy Sunday~

I hope you’ve had a pretty relaxing weekend so far with plenty of time to nourish your body and mind.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a rooftop cafe’ downtown watching people laughing, talking, arguing with each other. I started thinking about the phenomenon that things and our life in general is actually really just OUR own perception. We feel, smell, taste, hear, and see situations and things the way we want, influenced by past experience and our own cognitive processes.

Isn’t it incredible to think that the green tea I am drinking right now might taste totally different to you? Or the smell of my vanilla plant

Thoughts on Timing II – Why don’t we just do the things we always wanted to do NOW and not later?

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” Buddha

This is something I’ve been thinking about lately … there are so many things I said I wanted to do when my work gets less busy, when the summer is here, when I have more time etc.

And what have I done of all those things? To be honest, not many. I said I’d go to get my car washed as soon as the winter is over and then spring came, summer came, and I kept driving by the car wash