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7 Tips On How To Motivate Yourself And Others

This article I wrote got published on DOYOUYOGA:

We are 5 months into 2013. Do you remember the goals you set at the beginning of this year? I do. And yes, I admit it, I am “guilty” of not having started to work on most of my New Year’s resolutions, yet I have already set new goals for myself today. Does that sound familiar? Well, no worries, you are obviously not alone. Human beings are goal setters and goal seekers. Goals are what motivate us (for the most part). That’s why we love setting them for ourselves. It gives us a feeling of purpose and something to look forward to.

However, staying motivated if the goal doesn’t seem to be attainable or is taking too long to be achieved is the hardest part. In those times keep in mind that you are the leader of your own change. No one else.

Here are 7 tips on how to motivate yourself (and others):

Wellness at the Workplace

I found this article on a great initiative on wellness at the workplace. Let’s hope this will grow and spread out over to more companies! :-)

Read more about a new initiative at Westin Hotels and Resorts in the U.S.

Have you read my article on well-being at the workplace?

“6 Reasons to Have a Feel-Good Manager in your Company”



What are your thoughts on wellness at the workplace?


Mindful or Mindfull?

Oftentimes, being mindful isn’t as easy as it sounds. To most people it’s a word that they hear everywhere every day.
But what does it actually mean?

As mentioned before, I’m reading a great book about being present, mindful, and meditation, and how to integrate it into everyday life. I started applying some of the exercises and suggestions today at work and it really helped me not to worry, and to stay calm and present. I will post more about the book when I finished reading it. 

Stay yogilated and don’t forget to BREATHE. ♥


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6 Reasons to Have a Feel-Good Manager in Your Company

This article I wrote was published in the ELEPHANT JOURNAL:

More and more organizations realize that happy employees translate into productivity, motivation, team spirit, and overall success for a company.

As I have written about before, stress is an important factor determining not only a person’s health but also motivation and performance levels at work.

I’ve recently read about and talked to people (in Germany) who actually have the job title called “Feel-Good Manager.” I’m not joking!

You’re probably thinking “What the heck is that?

Before you start picturing a guru sitting on the floor with crossed legs, a therapist inviting employees to come lay down on a couch and talk about their problems, or a clown entertaining people during lunch breaks, I’ll stop you right there and explain.