Articles for the Month of May 2013

Wellness at the Workplace

I found this article on a great initiative on wellness at the workplace. Let’s hope this will grow and spread out over to more companies! 🙂

Read more about a new initiative at Westin Hotels and Resorts in the U.S.

Have you read my article on well-being at the workplace?

“6 Reasons to Have a Feel-Good Manager in your Company”



What are your thoughts on wellness at the workplace?


Mindful or Mindfull?

Oftentimes, being mindful isn’t as easy as it sounds. To most people it’s a word that they hear everywhere every day.
But what does it actually mean?

As mentioned before, I’m reading a great book about being present, mindful, and meditation, and how to integrate it into everyday life. I started applying some of the exercises and suggestions today at work and it really helped me not to worry, and to stay calm and present. I will post more about the book when I finished reading it. 

Stay yogilated and don’t forget to BREATHE. ♥


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