Articles for the Month of April 2013

5 Reasons To Stop Beating Yourself Up

This article I wrote got published on DOYOUYOGA:

Do you know that feeling of having all kinds of negative thoughts about yourself jumping up and down in your head? Being regretful and angry about something you’ve said or done a few hours ago or even a few days ago? Do you know how much time of your life you’re wasting by doing this?

I started my first real job after grad school about three weeks ago. Besides all the new faces and names, my tasks are completely new. I’m taking in a ton of new information every day, learning things I have to watch and remember. Last week, I forgot to add a header in a Word document. Big deal, right? Believe it or not, I caught myself thinking about it and beating myself up for it the entire 40min train-ride on my way home after work. I simply didn’t get over the fact that I forgot the header (!)and that my manager had to remind me. What’s wrong with that picture?