Articles for the Month of February 2013

6 Tips on How To De-Stress Yourself

This article got published on ELEPHANT JOURNAL:

If you’ve followed the headlines in news magazines or listened to the radio lately, there has been quite a lot about the increase of stress at work. And it’s not only an issue for people who are employed. What about students in grad school (or any type of school), single mom’s or dad’s, housewives, or people in retirement? We all have stress.

Stress is subjective. Do you know people who are constantly on the move, juggling several balls in the air at once, and yet don’t feel stressed? See? Stress starts in your head, with your attitude and perspective. Although you might not throw every ball in your hand with the same energy, you need to keep it all in perspective to make it work. The trick is to find a balance between things we HAVE TO do and things we WANT TO do.

If you’re struggling to find your homeostasis, then here are 6 tips to de-stress yourself: