Articles for the Month of January 2013

5 Reasons to move on

This article I wrote got published on YOGANONYMOUS:

Have you ever felt like you know someone or something is bad for you but you still can’t let go or forget?

Have you ever loved somebody so much that it physically hurt? Do you know the feeling of physical pain after you heard something about a person you loved, a feeling like somebody just punched you in your stomach and it makes you want to throw up?

If you have experienced at least one of those scenarios then, congratulations, you have been in love. The concept of love is quite simple but so powerful. It can heal illnesses, or make you the happiest and friendliest person in the world; however, it can also tear you apart and make you feel miserable. A break up can be just as traumatic as a serious accident or even death of a friend or family member, so taking care of yourself is crucial.

The good news is that your mind is an incredibly powerful part of you that only

6 Tips on How to Deal with Difficult People

This article got published in “ELEPHANT JOURNAL”,find it HERE and it was featured in a national radio show. Find the audio excerpt HERE!

Hi, my name is Karen and I am not perfect.

I have hurt people and I was not always my best possible self. I have cut in line at a store; I got annoyed by people and showed them. I have had a bad day and did not always show gratitude and love toward people who mean the world to me.

Get my point? All of us can be difficult to deal with at one time or another.

However, if you catch yourself in those moments and take a second to rethink your next reaction, then congratuations! You are practicing something wonderful, the self-growth eliciting and best self-development tool out there called self-reflection.

According to studies, over 70 percent of senior executives lack the ability

5 Tips On How To Stay Positive In Transition Times

This article I wrote got published on DOYOUYOGA:

I have lived in the USA for almost 6 years. Transitions are quite familiar to me due to moves from Germany to California, North Dakota, and then Illinois. At the end of last year I decided to move back home to Germany. When I told my American friends about my plans, it sounded much easier and more exciting than it actually turned out to be.

Life itself is a constant transition phase. However, moving back to a different culture and living with your parents again after being on your own for so long was more than just a transition. It was culture shock and self-discovery all over again. And as if that wasn’t self-esteem eating enough, I received nothing but rejections to my job applications. After 4 months with still no positive feedback or constructive criticism from any company, I felt like a car running out of gas. I felt sorry for myself and for others around me who had to deal with my frustration and low moods.

Until one day, I decided to change my perspective and start