Articles for the Month of December 2012

6 Ways to overcome self-doubt

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Getting Over Our Feelings of Not Being Good Enough

As I was listening to Kevin Costner’s speech at Whitney Houston’s funeral last year, I was surprised, even shocked, to hear that an incredible singer, actress, and woman like Whitney suffered from feelings of self-doubt.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it is that makes us feel the need to pretend that we are strong and confident in our abilities, although most of us actually share feelings of self-doubt. After all, we are the ones who are “the sum of its parts”; society is made up of each of us, the same society we are so nervous about fitting into.

Interesting enough, during my internship at a private practice in Chicago, I heard even very successful and accomplished people talk about a fear. The fear of “when will people finally find out that I am actually not that great and intelligent?” It’s like waiting for the curtain to fall, waiting for the day when